Going to the EMWT® 20!

Participating at the EMWT®20

Registrations to join the EMWT® 20 are now open.

When registering, you are asked to choose whether you participate also at the evening event or not. If you are not sure right now or change your mind after your initial registration, do not despair! The option of joining for the evening event remains open until three weeks before the start of the EMWT® 20, at no surcharge. As much as we would love you to join us at the evening event, we realize you might have other plans or have not yet made up your mind on how you spend your time around the EMWT® 20. 

The registration fee includes beverage and food for both the conference and the evening event (for those making that choice) as detailed on the venue page. You find the planning on the conference including meals breaks on the agenda page in more detail and growing as we get closer to the event. 

All registrations and payments run through an external website found here. Please note that while that site is powered by XING, you do not have to be a member of the network nor register there to participate at the EMWT® 20.

Update 26th of June 2020: Unfortunately XING is currently not able to process payments by credit card directly on its site. This is due to them running payments through now insolvent Wirecard Germany, so they had to disable that option. If you want to pay the registration fee by Credit Card, you need to do so through Paypal which is still being offered as a payment option. You may do so even without possessing a Paypal account. As soon XING brings Credit Card payments back we will make sure to offer that again.

If you have any question regarding registration please contact the organizers at info@emwt20.ch.